Sunday, December 19, 2010

Balik Kampung KK


balik kampung simply means going back to you home village.

since my first trip to Malaysia in 2004 for paintball i had always considered it my second home. then January 2007, I and 14 other outdoor enthusiasts were invited to explore Kota Kinabalu (KK). now, 8 trips more after that and a 2 month immersion in this city its not a surprise that my friends are referring to it as my kampung (village).

so this is my second balik kampung for the year and by far the shortest trip ever (3 days only)but also a very different one in a great way. as my kaka mary says, this trip is a "time to recharge our batteries for the new year." indeed there were a few changes to the usual visits. this time there were no guests to take care of, no new tours to take,; it was simply me coming for a dose of home.

i watched movies and went to the beach with my KK family, spent time to catch up with friends and the juicy bits of their lives, spent time to eat the not-so-pedas dishes i've missed and simply walked the streets of KK while eating ais krim or drinking lemon ping.

then of course there's the sort of tradition of the-night-before-the-flight party!!! a sending off karaoke night at Hawuuz (a bar near the Beverly Hills Area) where people drink and sing the night away- literally.

even this was a 'lil off the usual. this time there was more to celebrate for and more people to celebrate with. that night everything was set aside so that everyone came together for the sake of fun.

i have my kaka mary to thank for almost everything...from the roof on my head, a comfortable bed and for the bringing the dearest people of my life together. thank you for usual dose of love and sisterhood.

to my kuyas, ates, old friends and new friends...i know this was a quick trip but nevertheless it was a trip that reminded me that life is good!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

believe. hope. accept.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

digital scrapbooking

finaly got my hands wet in scrapbooking using photos shop...

resources i used:

stiching frame from marie (

natural paper texture by cloaks (

beer embellishment from a website; still looking for the site.

Sunday, September 05, 2010

lists and maps

no more complaining. gotta start doing! it's never too late! so i start off with this:

  1. taking the trip to the world cup in KL as a volunteer
  2. acquiring the money to make the trip to KL in November
  3. spending time with my KL sisters and brothers
  4. having more than enough to pay the rent, bills, weekend adventures and a yearly out-of-the-country trip plus have some stash for a rainy day.
  5. being able to pay everything on my card
  6. finding a career that is a match with my personality, values and way of life
  7. always having fun wherever and whenever!
  8. being able to live in europe for a year; ohhh the weekend escapade and cultural learning...yum!
  9. taking my parents on a vacation

i'll be making a collage of my 2010 -2011 vision. i'll post that up soon! welcome back sunshine!!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Selamat Berpuasa

a filipino by birth and malaysian sabahan by heart
jadi, i join my abangs, kakas, adiks,
and everyone else in my second home

a happy ramadhan!

this too shall pass...

she feels the chaos break open the gates
spreading numbness inch by inch,
drowning that which enables coherence of thought
its toxic aura making its way to core of her being
strength seems to have leaked out
with it, the draining of will and passion

she kneels and pray
guard my heart oh Great Spirit, she cries
sheild it from the poison of conformity
or the lies of defeat
let it not break with the pressure
instead let it pound loudly
to beat of my dream's drum
and remind me of the power in believing, she appeals

let her fathom the wisdom of knowing
that despite the failure of all her senses
she can trust in one thing that remains pure
the essence of all that she is
sans the dictations of the world
from this, she can gather her desire to continue her journey

hear her song Great Spirit
in this twilight of her existence
let her reach out and hold on to faith
that this too shall pass

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Safe Habour

my gypsy spirit craves for a sense of family of which I found it in these people.

each an individual with their own life journey and a safe harbour where everyone can come together to share their stories, clink glasses and offer up the next leg to life!

thank you for the friendship and the bond that will always make me feel that I am home.

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Our Angel Has Gone Back to Heaven

while the other tita's are cooking or talking, we play.

i remember sitting you on the table so that we can play with your birthday cake's characters. or that the morning in Los Banos when you pulled down each of our blankets just to make sure you'd say good morning to right tita. our first born always eager to experience life.

then i got busy and limited my involvement with talks on the phone that became further and further apart till almost none. then i get a phone call from your ninang that i had to see you today, cause you had said goodnight to this life.

oh how i cried to the years i could have spent with you. i know you would have hushed me and would assure me that you are in a better place anyway.

my dear Io, no words can express the spectrum of emotions i feel. i can go on with i would have wanted clauses but all that wouldn't matter anymore. all i can give now is a promise that you will never be forgotten! and that you have knocked me to the conciousness that opportunities can never be relived so we need to enjoy them when the moment is offered.

goodnight my Io, you will always be remembered...

Friday, July 09, 2010

Couldn't Resist a Free Ticket

so Ms. K came up to me and asked if I could go with her and J to the Usher concert cause she scored free tickets. the typical response would be a shriek and "oh my goodness of course!"

guess typical could never be an adjective to describe me.

cause what i did was paused from what I was doing, looked up and told her " sorry dear, I still have work till 7PM" then went back to the excel sheet I was working on. she tried to plead and yet I was firm. a minute after that I got up went to the HR office and ask Mahlabs, "am i crazy to turn down free tickets to Usher?"

out of reflex she jerked her head towards my direction and said " BUT OF COURSE!"

so i found Ms. K and asked if the opportunity was still on the table. she smiled and asked what time I can get of work.

i'm not a real big fan of Usher but he's gorgeous and has those puppy eyes that seem to make a woman feel that he'd do anything for them.

i knew the traffic would be terrible so I decided that we should take the MRT to Taft then take a cab to SM Mall of Asia. a very street smart decision that saved us an hour's worth of time.

we got there just in time for his 2nd song.

we enjoyed it despite our being tired and sleepy from an early day at work.

thank you Ms. K for the awesome tickets that put us in the leagues of the VIPs and would have been worth about 3000php.

Sunday, July 04, 2010

A Touch of Swiss Please

so much chatter about this secret or hidden restaurant in antipolo with great food and a nice view. since I had to take out this client friend anyway, i decide to hit two birds with one stone.

Vieux Chalet was indeed hidden somewhere towards hinulugang tatak because the address read taktak road. i loved the area even from the driveway. the chalet was a vintage style house turned into a restaurant. i liked looking at all the little trinkets and the paintings were so personal and colorful. it was like one big sala that had windows that framed a beautiful am-out-of-the-city view add in the smell of fresh air with an it-just-rained ambience.

i did my homework before heading out to this place. and all of the blogs or sites say that you can't go wrong with your food order. i would have to agree. anything on the menu is good and organic using available ingredients from their garden. it can be a bit pricey though and i would confess I didn't bring enough that day which made me skip a glass of wine. Good thing though is that most of the dishes can be shared so roughly if you go there just bring about Php 1000. This will get you a solo dish plus an order of something you need to split and share and a must have glass of wine to go with the food and ambience. you need to try the carabao's milk icecream it was just rich and full of flavor.

my client friend, my paduan and my indian IT collegue enjoyed the vieux chalet experience.

i on the other hand...wanted to live there.

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Weekends Are to Reboot

i've always believed that weekends were made for personal time. For J, K and myself we wanted to spend it just loitering, eating whatever strikes our fancy and of course what I do best - documenting our lives spontaneously.


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